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Saints Equipped

Cardiff Revived

We want to experience the transformative and hope giving Gospel of Jesus Christ and as a result see Cardiff changed. We want to unite local churches under the banner of Jesus Christ to see God's kingdom come to Cardiff as it is in Heaven.

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Arise has a two fold aim: we want to see the saints equipped and Cardiff revived. What we learn we personally put into practice

We Believe

  • We believe in the power of the cross that only by Jesus' death and resurrection do we have eternal life.
  • We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God.
  • We believe in the power of prayer, that God listens and answers prayer.
  • We believe in the necessity of the Holy Spirit to transform hearts and lives.
  • We believe in the necessity of being born again into a living hope.
  • We believe in the unity of the church, with Jesus Christ as the head.

Arise's mission is to:

1) Empower people to reach out where they are


2) Give an avenue to put into practice what has been imparted to them

We believe that evangelism is not an event but a way of life. Jesus said in John 7:38 that out of us would flow rivers of living water, this is not just for events but for an ever day way of living; that from the overflow of the the heart the mouth speaks.

We desire to help the body of Christ to come into maturity by 'equipping the saints' to live and minister out of the overflow of Christ in us the Hope of Glory.    

We are seeking an out pouring of God's Spirit in reviving power, and while we wait exercise what He has given to see that those around us have the gospel clearly presented to them. So we work while we wait!

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